B.A.S Projects

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B.A.S Projects: Logo, Business Cards and Flyer designers in Pretoria.

Your brand is important to us and therefore we ensure that our products and services match your business needs; as well as continually growing to meet the challenges of the technological market place. Don't worry about graphic design because we will take care of this for you.

You get unlimited reviews to our design concepts. Whether you require only updates to an existing logo or a new design, we guarantee you won't need to look anywhere else.

Contact us to get your brand image to the next level.

order logo designBronze Order - Logo DesignR260.00 Incl. VAT

  • Logo Design

order business card flyer designBronze Order - Logo DesignR450.00 Incl. VAT

  • Busines Cards Design
  • Flyer Design

order logo and business card designBronze Order - Logo DesignR520.00 Incl. VAT

  • Logo Design
  • Busines Cards Design

order logo business card and flyer designBronze Order - Logo DesignR780.00 Incl. VAT

  • Logo Design
  • Busines Card Design
  • Flyer Design

Ordering Process

  • Place your order and we will contact you to set up a meeting
  • A 50% Deposit is required prior to commencement of design
  • Final Payment is required at the end of the design but prior to release
  • Version of the finished products are released via e-mail, CD or DVD
  • You get unlimited reviews to the designed concept